Dyno Tuning

Safe, controlled testing

No straps to melt or break. No traction issues. Zero chance of a tire failure. Our dyno attaches directly to your hubs, with a solid connection to the vehicle. No need to strap it down or add weight to maintain traction, we have 100% traction at all times!

Hydraulic load

Thanks to the advanced design of our Dynapack dyno we can steady state load your car just as an engine dyno can. We can do proper MBT tuning due to this feature, a typical inertia dyno can't do this.

Use the UMS Dyno Inquiry form below to set-up an appointment or call us (480) 446-8863

Quality data

Our dyno is equipped with a dual channel Motec Professional Lambda Meter, a lab grade frequency based pressure transducer and a full weather station with barometric pressure, humidity and air temperature sensors to ensure proper data and corrections.

Printouts and stored data

All tunes and baseline pulls receive color printouts showing wheel Horsepower and Torque, as well as boost and Air-Fuel ratio when requested. We keep all files in our database to ensure a reference for future upgrades to be used as overlays to show your improvements.

UMS Dyno Inquiry
Ask us a question or setup an appointment

Don't forget to include car information: make, model, year, ECU, mods/build, power, Injector Size, Cam Specs, Compression Ratio and target power. Feel free to add any other information you feel will help us.
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