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Motorsports, Timeattack and Time Trials involvement

Tony Szirka

Tony Szirka and UMS Tuning has been heavily involved motorsports with Global Time Attack, Super Lap Battle USA, NASA, and our own UMS Tuning Time Attack Series. We compete, support or host many events around the state and country. We have won regional and national NASA championships, GTA pro and Pro-Am Championships, UMSTA championships as well as several Super Lap Battle wins. The shop EVO features a 750WHP 4G64 that showcases all of our partners excellent products. AEM, Fortune Auto, Garrett, BrianCrower, Stoptech, Turbosmart, Injector Dynamics, AME, Full Race, Centerforce, Supertech and xShift just to name a few. Our partners make the car more than the sum of it’s parts with their amazing support and product development.

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Tony Szirka Time Attack Driver - GTA - NASA

UMS Tuning Time Attack EVO


Tony Szirka


Mitsubishi EVO


Buttonwillow Raceway Park


Super Lap Battle

Paul Kuzma Time Attack Driver - GTA - NASA

Paul Kuzma

Paul just recently resurrected the “S2Million” of former AFI Turbo/Kenney Enterprises Redline Time Attack fame. He has been working hard to bring the car back to its former glory and consistent Unlimited RWD Podiums. His car features a 650WHP F22C utilizing a host of AEM, injector Dynamics, Turbosmart goodies, a NASCAR 4speed dog box and a ford 8.8” differential, Willwood brakes and JRZ coilovers.

Ulrik Szirka

Ulrik is the namesake of UMS Tuning, Tony’s son. He has been driving cars since his early teens and has driven cars from stock miatas all the way up to the UMS Tuning EVO. His car is a showcase of spare parts, experimental stuff, home made aero and used parts scavenged from various sources. It features a built 1.6, AEM sensors and electronics, NB Torsen and 6speed, and experimental turbo kit and some used AST5100s. He competes in NASA TT2 with a class legal de-tune to 295whp and in Unlimited RWD with GTA at 380whp

Ulrik Szirka Time Attack Driver - GTA - NASA

UMS Tuning Time Attack Racing Series

UMS Tuning Attack Series - NASA

UMS Tuning has teamed with NASA Arizona (NASA AZ) to host an event called “UMS Tuning Time Attack Series” as a means for the more experienced HPDE drivers to showcase their vehicle and capabilities as a driver, without having to subject themselves or their vehicle to the additional hazards of wheel to wheel racing.


Supported Racing Series

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